Family Pics!!!

Family Pics!!!

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Well theres not too much to say about us....we are a busy busy group!! We have been married for 2 1/2 years now. We bought a house a year ago and are loving it! Its a cute little starter house and it fits us just beautifully!!! Jeff is super busy he starts his days at 6am with work at Pepsi and then goes to school til about ten Monday through Thursday.We don't see much of him til the weekends.He only has about a year left till we head off to Dental or Podiatry school so that will be an adventure...I am so not looking forward to being taken away from my little Eastern Idaho but I love him and I guess it will all be worth it...another adventure for the books right!! I work weekends and a couple other days at Trade Secret Salon doing hair which I love!!! So we don't get to see each other much but when we do we are always on the go making up for lost time doing some crazy wild idea of mine. Chloee is almost two now and she is quite a handful!!! She is talking so so much and we just started potty training her so hopefully all goes well!!SHe is just so much fun I love being a Mom it has just opened my eyes to why Jeff and I work so hard! So thats about it for us!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Well isn't that just the cutest darn monkey you have ever seen? I am thinking so!!! Bug loved trick or treating and she caught on really quick that when she told people thank you they thought she was super cute and gave her even more candy!!! She insisted on dragging her own bag around without any help so that was pretty entertaining as well. She can say monkey so when people would ask what she was she would reply herself... Pretty much the cutest freaking kid in the big deal I know this!!! lol. But seriously what is up with people giving little kids suckers? it is just a huge mess and really who is really going to be eating this candy? All right then its me of course so bring on the chocolate for heavens sake!!!!

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Jessica said...

So cute!!
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